Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let us momentarily turn from satire...

Because I just felt like publishing something pretty. This is a monarch butterfly drinking from some sorta flower (aced entomology, not so hot on the botany) in my front yard about a week ago. Its proboscis is extended into the flower, and I'm assuming its front legs are folded up under its thorax, 'cause it's only showing two pair here. It's the dazzling and serendipitous moments of beauty like this that remind me, after all the crap and cynicism and lying, what life is really about -- getting as much nectar as you can because tomorrow you could wind up flattened in the grille of a Subaru.


Brownian said...

Hmm, well said. So what the hell am I doing in this cubicle?!

Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I enjoy your Hedonistica posts. I'll be reading more of your blog when I get some time. Keep it up!

Mike Di Leo said...

Hey, thanks a bunch. I try to respond on Hedonistica sometimes and ended up getting locked out 'cause I "tried to post too many comments at the same time" or something like that. So I'm not being rude, it's just that the comment thing thinks I'm a spammer.

And I liked your entry on inappropriate office behavior. Try telling your coworkers that heroin should be legalized. That always gets a rise out of folks.