Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Def Takes a Holiday

This alt-text left blank in honor of Jim Newell.  Oh, crap. This evening I had the pleasure of sharing an after-dinner beverage with Wonkette’s two associate editors, Jim Newell and Sara K. Smith. They both blogged that they were trapped in a hellhole in the deep south among the cattails, humans incapable of motion under their own power, and Lincoln among the Cupolas. I thought the scene looked familiar and after a few arrangements we met in front of the Berkley Hotel, where our exhausted heroes were disgorged after a grueling three-hour tour at one of Richmond’s better-known dining establishments. They had arrived discussing Tycho Brahe, and whether the story was true that he had died of a burst bladder. Not an auspicious beginning.

And then they would be off the next morning at a ridiculous hour, as though half a day in Richmond gave any sense of its history. You can walk across Richmond in half a day – to talk abou it could take a year straight without any interruptions, corrections or going back over known territory.
Geeky librarian will cut you.  Over.
We talked for a while about scandalous stuff. I’m too incapacitated to remember any of the details, but there was lots of it. You would be shocked.

And then suddenly the waiter began muttering “get the fuck out of here” as he walked past us. It seemed like we should go. Outside we chatted with a nice couple from Vladivostok about the standard of living in DC. I slipped into my car wondering if I had made a good impression. If I don’t hear from the CDC tomorrow I’ll call it a yes.


HoboSpaceJunkie said...

Thanks for some real human photos of our esteemed editors. Sounds like you guys had a good time together. Also nice to know our Wonkette Overlords aren't above mixing with their great horde of unwashed serfs, villains and indentured servants. And of course Sara is lovely. That Ginger guy? Well, I'm sure his mom thinks he's handsome.

Danielbeast said...

Wow, I didn't think anyone but me talked about Tycho Brahe's strange possible cause of death!!!!!!!!! God bless the internet for helping us all realize there are people just as esoteric as us out there whether we believe it or not!

HoboSpaceJunkie said...

There is a new book out about Tycho Brahe's life & death. I read a review recently, which was quite long & satisfying. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I saw it, nor can I find a recently-published bio of him on Amazon (perhaps it was all beautiful dream.)

But the author did pinpoint one particular person, I believe his cousin, as the poisoner of Tycho, though again I cannot remember the poison. I am useless.